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I have played the sport of darts for decades and have written several dart-related websites, including pro-players websites. My work on the sport has also been featured in several hardback books and past dart magazines.

Although I never went beyond a respectable pub player, I entered the odd professional tournament, winning locally in a PDC UK Open qualifier in 2004. But with many other commitments, darts are a pastime and hobby to me.

I have played in many pub leagues in England from my early days in London and then North of the Country, into Lancashire. However, I have also played darts all over the UK and Ireland at some point, although not at a professional level. I come from a family of dart players; even my nan played in a pub league, and an uncle who also played and encouraged me when I was young.

Today, my pub league teams are well behind me, but I still like a social game, and I like to watch others enjoy the sport at amateur and professional levels.

My first Dart website started as a project while studying web development coding. I had experience in business coding many years before, but web coding is different.

My first websites were published well before the mobile revolution. Hence, these have either been replaced or rewritten to be mobile-friendly.

My knowledge of the sport is better than most, and I have kept records of most UK and PDC majors over the past couple of decades. However, the history of the sport is what has intrigued the most.

I have also been fortunate to work with Dr Patrick Champlin (Darts Historian). I wrote his fascinating websites for several years. Today, Patrick has a WordPress website that allows him to update sections when he has the time. I have also researched some aspects of the sport, mainly past regional UK dartboards, MI9 escape and invasion ‘Gilboard Dartboard’ and others. Although not all features on the Darts-Oche website, they are on Darts501.com

When it comes to dart websites, there are now many on the web. However, most of the published content is unresearched or the publisher had blatantly copied others work and, in some cases, read and used history snippets that don’t stand up to scrutiny when correctly investigated. My aim to provide quality information that is accurate and is enjoyable to all.

With every website I write, whether for a client or a professional dart player, there will always be some form of compromise. Each has its audience. But suppose you are looking for the latest player information. In that case, you are best visiting the governing body websites such as the Professional Darts Organisation (PDC) or the World Darts Federation (WDF). If you want to know the latest in your country, you will probably find the national team has their website, too.

Darts-Oche fills some gaps in the sport for me and others. If you are looking for games, you will find a lot here, and you will even find several I have written, some of which are extremely popular among social players of the game.

Although I have in the past reviewed new products, I don’t on this website, but if you are looking for basic rules, dartboard hanging instructions, maintenance of the dartboard and darts, plus a checkout chart, you will find it here. The history section is deliberately concise, as I only cover the basics and try to squash a few myths. However, if you wish to read about legends of the sport and darts in the UK dating back to the 1900s, Patrick Chaplin's site will give you hours of reading.

Professional Darts Calendars and UK Counties League games are featured here. You will also find the past winners of the now-defunct News of The World Darts Tournament and World Dart Champions.

Enjoy the website. I hope you find something useful.


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