Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions asked by others frequently

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions asked by others frequently

This page covers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) mainly of a technical nature that is not already covered within the Privacy / Cookies policy.

I received quite a lot of emails, so to save your time and mine, I have listed several questions I have answered in the past.


Q. I am having problems viewing all the site content correctly

The Dart-Oche website uses HTML5, CSS3 components. If you have difficulty seeing the page correctly, try upgrading or switching your browser. All new browsers support the code used on this website. Older browsers may not support some of the features. JavaScript is also used throughout the website; therefore, you must enable JavaScript for the pages to work fully.


Q. Download files won't download, and I am getting a message saying the file is damaged.

In many cases, I have moved away from producing a separate PDF download for games and event lists. The site is now coded so you can print or change your print setting to produce a PDF version for your PC. This saves me time as I only need to update one file rather than two. It also gives you the choice and flexibility to choose between a straight print or a 'save as' PDF option.

Please note 'save as' PDF is an option within Windows 10 or later. Select the PRINT option, and you should see a pop-up to set your print options, i.e. page layout portrait/landscape fit to page etc. You should be able to change the printer option to 'export as PDF.'

You may need a PDF reader; you can download the latest FREE Adobe PDF reader click here: Adobe PDF Reader.


Q. When and where are the tickets available for the PDC & WDF World Darts Championships?

Tickets go on sale for the PDC championships in June. Details can be found on how to buy them from the PDC website around this time. If you subscribe to you may be given priority to purchase tickets for this event and others before they go on sale to the general public.See the WDF for their latest information.


Q. Can I recommend good suppliers

There are many good dart suppliers online, and I promote shops that advertise on this website.


Q. Where can I buy x,y,z?

The biggest suppliers of darts equipment can be found on the internet. The traditional dart shops or dart suppliers attached to sports or fishing stores still exist in some areas. However, the choice can be limited. Most online shop dispatch within 24 hours and only charge a minimum post and packaging.

For the supply of the Manchester Dartboard, I now only know of one these details can be found on the Manchester Dartboard page.


Q. What distance should Ladies throw from?

there is no difference in major darts competitions between the lady's and men's oche line distance. However, many local leagues do have shorter throwing distances for women: 7' and 7' 6" being two popular throwing distances. See the dartboard setup.


Q. I have just started playing darts and want to join a team.

I have many questions like this sent to me. If you're of the age to join a social club with a darts team or you are old enough to go to a pub, this is the best place to start. Purchase a local newspaper, and there you will find weekly darts results and the venues they play. I suggest you contact the venues and ask to speak to the captain of the darts or who organises the league.

Another source for competitions and super leagues is Darts World magazine (UK). You can become a member of a professional darts organisation - details can be found on the following websites PDC, PDPA or other national darts organisations or leagues. All bring benefits, but it is best to contact them for the information.

If you are a Youth, I suggest you contact UKDA / County links on the links page of this website. The PDC also have a youth tour. For more information, contact the PDC, PDPA or the JDC (Junior Darts Corporation)

I hope you find all the above useful. All organisations and suppliers mentioned can be contacted on their respective websites.


Q. Does Darts-Oche, or do I personally sponsor players?

I receive quite a number of requests asking for sponsorship, and at present, I am not in a position to sponsor any player or competition.


Q. We are interested in adverting on Darts-Oche

I do have some advertising opportunities and space on Darts-Oche. For more details, please read my terms and conditions regarding advertising and promotions. See Advertising


Q. Can I add a link from Darts-Oche to your website?

Basically, no! Sorry about this, but I have in the past allowed this on other websites. One of my websites once had 650 external links to related darts websites. However, as I have no control over the landing websites, many were not being maintained or renewed. Hence, the links failed, which downgraded my webpage and meant a constant update. The only links I add now are part of a paid advertising link. See Advertising.

However, If I find a site that I feel is of interest to others, i.e. governing body, then I will add a link in an appropriate area.


Q. Can you use the details listed on on my website?

Well, basically, no! However, I am a true supporter of the sport of darts, and I have allowed a few features to be copied when full acknowledgement to Darts-Oche / David King has been given. I mainly consent when the sites are written in languages other than English, i.e. to make the information widely available. My view is, by all means, lad a link to Darts-Oche or a link to the pages on the website.

You will be asked to remove the link if you link directly to a graphic to support your own web content (known as hot linking). Basically, if you fill your car with fuel, are you going to fill your neighbours up to? I guess not, so don't do it. This risk you have is that I might be a little malicious and change the picture on your website for something inappropriate. Be warned and respect my work. Making some of the support graphics takes hours of my time, so don't steal them for your use. Make your own or use free, generically available graphics or icons from places like font awesome.


Q. Can I promote your darts event!?

Sorry, I don't publish local events on Darts-Oche or on any other Dart websites I write. If your event is part of a ranking event, it will likely be listed under the PDC, WDF calendar of events.


Q. Can I Review your darts book or products?

I have reviewed quite a number of dart books and the odd few products. I give an honest, unbiased view of all that I have read and reviewed. I have also supplied information and graphics to the authors of a few dart books. You also may have read some of my reviews in dart magazines. So, if you have something that you would like independently reviewed, please get in touch.


Contact Darts-Oche

P.S. If you can't find what you are looking for, use the search within the footer or at the top of any of the website pages.

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