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Darts Regulations Authority (DRA) What is it?

Darts Regulations / Rules / Anti-doping / Anti-corruption


Professional Darts Rules and Regulations

There is little difference in the rules for the professional side of darts. The dartboard size, height and throwing distance are the same as you would play in a local pub league; details of these measurements can be found on the Darts-Oche.com website.

Some of the differences will be to the oche height. In the professional game, the oche is raised, not just a line drawn on the floor. However, significant differences will be in dress code, event sponsorship, dart shirt adverts, and no alcohol on stage during televised events. There are also rules regarding floor marking games and registration.

In the case of the WDF / PDC, the bulling-up process to who starts the match first is also different. PDC Stage events also have a player exclusion zone so the opposing player is kept at a distance during the throw. To find these rules, visit the darts organisation authority organising the event, PDC, PDPA, WDF, etc. Most professional darts events are organised under the PDC, or WDF ruling.


What is the Darts Regulation Authority?

The Darts Regulation Authority is the professional body of professional darts.

The Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) has been established as a not-for-profit company. Its members and management primarily come from the world of darts and its management council. As more individuals or groups (whether incorporated or not) join, the membership of the DRA will grow. Still, the DRA will remain independent and outside the control of other entities in darts.

The DRA aims to become the recognised regulatory authority for the Sport of Darts worldwide, responsible for providing and administering rules and regulations that will improve the image of the sport of Darts within both professional and amateur games.

The challenge for the current Committee is to ensure good governance within Darts. Playing standards, commercial revenues and the reputation of the game are undoubtedly in the ascendancy. Professional Darts have never been more popular, attracting significant sponsorship and prize money. It is the responsibility of the DRA to protect and enhance that position both within Darts and outside. Through management of the drug testing programme, review of DRA rules, disciplinary hearings and its many other functions, the DRA are committed to protecting that good name for everyone involved in Darts: players, officials, sponsors, media, fans and spectators alike.

The DRA can fine, suspend or ban a player for misconduct or breaking rules. A player who is found in breach of the rules can appeal against a DRA ruling, and in the case of a fine, this may be reduced or postponed in some cases.

Cases that are brought to the DRA are published, and declarations are shown on the DRA website.

The DRA has a clear Anti-doping and Anti-Corruption policy, which again can be read on the DRA website.

Please visit the Darts Regulation Authority website for full details and contact information.



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