Dart Points

Replacing Dart Points

Dart Points

Replacing steel-tip dart points


Using a Dart Repointer


Dart Repointer DiagramI have been asked many times where people can get their darts re-pointed. When I say to them they can re-point the darts themselves I am usually met with a blank reaction.

Repointing darts is not rocket science, it is a relatively easy process to do and you only need a few tools. But before I show you how let me answer the question why and when should darts be repointed.

It can take several sets of darts, shafts and flights before you find the ideal set for you. When you do find a set it is very rare that you will want to change as each set of darts are marginally different. Even the same make and style of dart can vary a bit.

Keeping your points sharp is also important. A cheap sharpening stone from a builders merchant or DIY store will set you back only one or two pounds.

Sharp points reduce bounce outs so that’s one good reason, the second reason is blunt darts can reduce the life of your dart board and at same stage you will find the points will get so small that the barrel will start to embedded in the board! Yes unfortunately I have seen this happen and the person who owned the darts was unwilling to have his points changed even when I offered to do this for him. (No I am not offering a repointing service!)

Before your dart points get this short you should replace them. Many dart suppliers sell points and will cost less than a couple of sets of good flights. Some suppliers will re-point your darts for you but it is an easy process to do yourself.

Using a Dart Repointer

By far the easiest way is to invest in a dart re-pointing tool or point puller. The tool will remove the old point easily and will require little effort. But I will also show you a couple of other methods I have used to remove dart points using a riveter and house hold tools.

Dart point pullers cost as much as a good set of high percentage tungsten darts so many players either use house hold tools or have a shop undertake the task for them. But if you belong to a team then it is well worth buying the useful tool to share between you.



Dart Repointer Diagram



Stage One

Dart Repointer Dia 1

(1) Open the dart pointer puller by turning the Extracting Screw fully open. Insert the dart barrel so that the point passed through the Point Clamp and tighten the clamp with the Alan Key that comes with the dart point puller.

Ensure the point is fully tightened otherwise the point will not come free when you come to remove it.

Stage Two

Dart Repointer Dia 2

(2) Turn the extracting screw down so that the screw it is fully inserted into the dart barrel.

The dart point puller usually comes with both 2BA and 4BA threads (interchangeable) so both barrel type points can be replaced.

Stage Three

Dart Repointer Dia 3

(3) Unscrew the Extracting Screw. The point with then be pulled free of the barrel.

Undo the point clamp and replace the old point for new. Insert your New point so that there is sufficient new point to enter the barrel when the barrel is closed upon it.

Turn the Extractor screw back down so that the barrel is pushed onto the New point. Remove the barrel with new point! Done!



Dart Points


Dart Points New darts usually come with either a standard smooth silver or black points. However replacement point come in various lengths, colour and type. It is now not uncommon to have a knurled or ribbed points to be used by players. In some cases these points are designed to help the dart hold into the sisal dartboard while others can be used as a finger grip (if) your style of throw is to rest your finger on the point. Eric Bristow with his ‘Praying Mantis’ style grip is a prime example.

New points / sharp points should allow the dart to penetrate the board deeper however band new smooth points can also be a little too smooth and not hold in the board that well. If you find your new points lack the ability to stay in the board then try scuffing the sides of the point with an emery board just enough to take the shine off.

Illustrated here are just a few styles of point that are available. One isn’t better that the other it is purely a matter of your preference.



Other Methods for removing Dart Points


Unicon Dart Point Puller

Unicorn Darts also produce a point puller designed on the same principles of a rivet gun. I haven’t personally used their product but hence to say there are now a few options open to you to help you change your dart points. If you feel the products are a bit expensive I suggest you club together and buy one for your team so all can benefit alternatively a few suppliers can now do the job for you.



Please note Darts-Oche.com nor its owner accept any responsibility for losses or injury should you choose to follow the above method.




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