Dartboard Lighting

Dartboard Lighting

Dartboard lighting has come a long way in recent years, and it seems all the major manufacturers now make arched and circler lighting to eliminate dart shadow for the dartboard. However, most pubs and clubs are still playing catch-up, and the single spotlight is still used in many establishments.

If you still want to use the spotlight method, it is recommended that a strip of three or more spotlights be used. Having more than one spotlight lets you angle one directly on the playing surface while the additional two are angled from each side. This helps remove dart shadow, which allows the player to see the object target without a shadow covering the area.

Modern led sports replace the tungsten filament bulbs, giving a clear, bright white light.



Dartboard Light Ring

Based on the concept of the Circumluminator circa 2005, dartboard lighting rings have come a long way.

As the name suggests, the purpose-built lighting rings run at low voltage and provide a ring of light. These bright lighting systems provide even light across the playing surface and eliminate shadow. The only downside is you need to get used to the ring surrounding the dartboard, which can take a little time.


Dartboard Ring Lighting Systems


If one is better than the others, it is a case of personal preference. View the current batch from your supplier and see how they are fixed to the board. If you feel the ring may be too intrusive, look at the dartboard arch lighting systems.


Dartboard Arch Light

The arch works the same way as the full circle ring but is less intrusive and easily portable. For many, this is a preferred, less expensive option.


Alternative Lighting Systems

Fortunately, today, there are many options available to light your dartboard. From a straight light strip, complete ring and semi-rings. Technology in this area is changing fast, and it is best to review the latest offerings from the major manufacturers and suppliers.

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